GotegrisLandvetter Flygplats and Expressen GTNew stylish concrete road blocks have been built for the Landvetter airport in Göteborg Sweden. A contest was held to give them a name and Thomas Lagö’s proposals “Gotegris” won. See the article below. GOT is the airport code for Landvetter in Göteborg. GRIS is the nickname for a concrete road block but also means “pig” in Swedish. The word “GOTTEGRIS” in Swedish mean that you LOVE candy. The word “GOTEGRIS” then becomes an interesting twist on the words and still contain the GOT from the airport. That is why this suggestion won!

EMZ-2 needed a name for their courses. Therefore, there was a competition to find a name for the courses in positive thinking. Thomas suggested “Kingdom of Opportunity.” This was the winner and the prize is a barbecue night in Hällaryd, Sweden.

Voxbox logo MMSW Elektronik and Teknik AB in Sweden needed a new name for the furniture series that can be used among other audio equipment. An Internet competition was held and people who were interested could submit a name suggestion. Thomas Lagö’s proposal “VoxBox” won and the price was a dinner at the Westman estate in Vimmerby, Sweden. For more information, visit the webpage QirraSound Technologies Europa AB.